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What are crops & bleeds?

by Joe Costandi

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If you’ve designed your own artwork before you’ve most likely heard someone refer to bleed and crop marks, maybe even safety, but what exactly are they?

We’ve put together a short handy visual guide that explains exactly what each one means so next time someone asks, you can reply with confidence!

What are Crop Marks?

This one's a nice easy one! These simply show where the print will be cut down too, these are the black line shown in the corner of the image.

How about Bleeds?

You may have noticed the black background goes past the crop marks. This is called the bleed and it usually extends 3mm past them to make sure your print goes right to the edge!

And finally Safety

To get a really nice looking print you don't want important information to close to the edge. The safety lines are shown by the blue lines in the image. These are usually 3-5mm in from the crop marks.

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