Got your own Artwork?

Bleeds and margins are cropping up
If your reading this page I assume you already have your artwork and that's fantastic! We encourage creativity and look forward to seeing your work (good design makes us happy!) Having said that there are a few niggles that often crop up, but if you check everything on this page, everything will be perfect! Resolution - Resolution is highly important to avoid pixelation on the print, we recommend that all files are to scale and 300dpi, if you are using a heavy black coverage we recommend a CMYK value of M:20 Y:20 K:100, beware if you are using small white text on a solid background there may be a slight fill in from the background ink. Fonts - Where applicable please always include any non standard font's with your artwork or better yet, convert your fonts to outlines if working with vectors or rasterise your text if working with raster images. Bleed - All Artwork must include a minimum 3mm bleed (20mm bleed for signs) with a further 5mm margin (20mm for signs) before any text begins, this ensures no text will be victim to our guillotine. File Format - When your design is finished please make sure yout artwork is in the CMYK colour profile and saved as a PDF, or EPS file with all images embedded into the file. We are sometimes able to use other file formats but there will be additional charges for conversion.

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