Tomrods Ltd Totem Pole & Signage | RGPS North Yorkshire

Signage – Big, Bold Signage for a Big, Bold company.

Tomrods were in need of the RGPS signage treatment, and they wanted something special to make their signage stand out! We had a few good ideas in mind…

Look at that Totem Pole!

Tomrods knew they wanted some really cool signage to stand out from the pack, and we just had to recommend a Totem Pole to them! These particular signs are design to attract a lot of attention from a wide area, and being double-sided, they can be spotted from a distance no matter which way you’re coming from; this one is certainly a headturner! The 3d, built up effect of this sign gives off a really modern feel, while retaining an industrial look that was an essential part in keeping with the overall ethos of what Tomrods do.

Piecing the Puzzle Together!

Tray Signs make a bold first impression, and their superb build quality means that they are as sturdy and long lasting as anything you’re likely to find. They also happen to be quite easy to assemble, with them just slotting into place, a bit like putting your dinner tray on the cleaning rack at school!

The Tray is Complete!

Well, this is what the tray sign looks like when all is said and done, makes a really good first impression, huh? With it being so high up, it is extremely visible, and the bold blue, red and white colouring make it all the more visible!

Looking to stand out as well?

You know, you don’t need to be a huge industrial business like Tomrods to benefit from these bold, modern signage solutions. Our bespoke totem pole signs come in any shape, size and colour, can be fitted with lights, and, well, the possibilities are endless! Likewise, our tray signs can be assembled with built-up lettering, lights behind them for even better visibility in those dark winter months, and so much more. At first, we had your curiosity, but now we have your attention! Contact us today to see how we can help.

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