Regency Pizza Bedale Store Signage

SHOP SIGNAGE – A new dawn for Regency Pizza

Regency Pizza had moved shop to Bedale, and required some fresh & vibrant signage, both exterior and interior, so we got to work…

Super Cool Lightbox Displays

Don’t forget to bring your shades when reading the menu in Regency Pizza’s Bedale store, as these lightboxes will dazzle you! They’re a great way to display information inside buildings, and work especially well with menus, such as the example here!

Edgy Wall Graphics

Wall Graphics are a great way to spice up those plain seas of whites and creams, and they look even better when they are wrapped around corners and edges of walls, like we did with these graphics here.

Crazy Counter Graphics

One of the problems when going into a takeaway is having to stare at the huge, bare looking counters that tower before you, but with Regeny Pizza’s Bedale store, that isn’t a problem. To keep your eyes suitably satisfied while your mouth waters uncontrollably, you can admire the counter graphic that encompasses the whole area!

Have you had a Regency yet?

We can tell you right now that Regency Pizza’s food is as fresh and tasty as the signage that we designed and installed for their new Bedale store. I think it’s about time you ventured into the shop to not only get the best pizza around, but also to admire the best looking takeaway around!

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