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Kiplin Hall


About Project
A New Perspective
We love big projects like the one Kiplin Hall tasked us with; a website, design and print work, signage, the list is endless! See how we achieved it all...

A refined, elegant website that belongs in the 21st century

Kiplin Hall were in need of a new website; a user-friendly, great-looking, clean landscape that would be a pleasure to use, no matter who you are. Starting from the ground up, our wickedly talented Web Designer got hard at work on the site, and the end results speak for themselves. Firmly keeping within Kiplin Halls new brand guidelines, but with a bit of the old RPGS flair, the final product is everything a modern website needs to be, and then some!

Bold Colours, Clean Design

Kiplin's new leaflet had to adhere to their new brand guidelines, and we took the route of using their minimalist, yet bold colour palette, to create a colour block type effect for each different section. Not only does this look great, it also helps to distinguish each separate section in a clear way, which further helps the user friendly nature, reinforcing Kiplin's new core brand values. The use of images that take up the entire width of sections helps to break up the text, with the result being a clean, concise, yet bold and great looking leaflet, that anyone can pick up and use with ease.

An Exhibition to Remember

Well, where do we start with this one?! Foamex display boards with matt lamination print, vinyl cut lettering, a canvas print, a huge image collage, the list goes on with what we designed and printed for Kiplin Hall's first big exhibition! These images will give you a brief glimpse into what the exhibition looks like, which is running for the duration of 2019, and then some. We're really happy with how this particular part of Kiplin's new journey with RGPS panned out, and it is our designer's particular favourite project he's worked on in quite some time!

Fresh Signage, and a lick of paint!

To complete Kiplin Hall's rebrand transformation, the old signage had to be dealt with! We first started by removing the old, worn signs that had lost all of their colour and character, and repainted them in Kiplin's new blue colour scheme. We then applied vinyl cut lettering onto the freshly painted and baked surfaces with Kiplin's new logo and font style, and they were all set to be refitted! Looking at the images, you can see the HUGE transformation that these fresh signs give Kiplin Hall.

That's All Folks!

Well, that's how we transformed Kiplin Hall into a brand new, fresh looking beast! This was a satisfying project for all involved to work on, as one of our favourite things to do is to take out the old, and bring in the new! We hope Kiplin love all of their new stuff, and we're sure it will serve them well for many years to come!

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