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Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin Vehicle Livery

by Jonathan Bailey

A Striking Mobile Gin Bar

Gin is all the craze at the moment, what with all of these fancy cocktail bars popping up all over the place, , but Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin can do better than all of that in the form of a mobile gin bar!  Read on to find out how we transformed this Ford Ranger into a stunning looking vehicle that Masons will be proud to serve their renowned gin from…

Hand Drawn Design

For this van design, the main pattern you see was drawn out and saved as an image file, which then had to be turned into a vector format for us to be able to cut it. This proved quite challenging, as the intricacy of the drawing meant we had to be very careful with how the cut line was placed on the artwork, but we love a challenge at RGPS, and our trusty wide format printers never let us down!

Measuring Up Then Stickering Up

It was important to make sure the design was aligned correctly in proportion with the vehicle. This wasn't any normal vehicle livery, where we could use rulers as a means to line things up, but rather we had to use what God gave us with our own two eyes. Making sure the design ran off the van was another crucial step, as this would ensure that no part of the design would finish too early, and look out of place. Once this was completed, we began to applicate the vinyl onto the van.

The Rear End

Once the sides and front were all done and dusted, the back of the van needed attending to. For this, we printed a design that would blend in with the colour of the vehicle, to give a really cool finish, almost as if it was painted on!

The Ultimate Mobile Gin Bar, Completed!

After a day’s hard work, the ultimate mobile gin bar was finally completed!  We’ve done a lot of vehicle livery here at RGPS, but we have to say that this is by far one of our favourites.  Thanks to the brilliant artist who drew the the cool design, we were able to transform this vehicle into a true work of art.  We hope that Masons are as pleased with the van as we are proud to have worked on it!

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