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10 Reasons your business needs a website.

by Joe Costandi

Not got a website?

So, here’s the situation, you’ve been in business for a while now things seem to be running smoothly it could be better but the problem is you’re not particularly tech literate and you don’t have a website or feel you need one.

Does this sound like you? If so let us change your mind!

We’ve put together a list of the top 10 reasons you really do need a website, Read on!

1. Sell your products online

The web is a big place… like REALLY BIG imagine if you could tap into the buying power of that... oh wait you can!

2. Engage your customers

It’s nice to be able to speak to your customers one at a time it builds trust, eventually that becomes unfeasible. Let your website speak for you, it has your voice and personality and can speak to a lot more people than you!

3. Gather Data

Do you know what Sue from down the street is looking to purchase currently? No? oh well we do. Having analytics for your web customers helps drive sales far more than you can alone.

4. Communicate Better

You have just come up with the best idea for a new product! Who are you going to tell? With a website you can have a customer base that you can email directly and get instant feedback!

5. It pays for itself

People are often put off by the upfront cost of a website, but don’t realise the sales and leads that it provides you. It’s far more cost effective than an employee and will work much harder!

6. Gain Credibility

It’s 2017 and the market is saturated, you need credibility to stand out from the crowd. Customers are drawn to beautiful design and that builds trust with your clients before you’ve even said a word.

7. Cost Effective Advertising

Having a website is hands down the best value for money advertising available, the ongoing costs are very low compared to almost all other forms.

8. Always Available

Are you prepared to answer your phone at 3am? No need. With a website people can find information 24/7 and even send you messages for when you are available.

9. Showcase Your Work

Having a website gives you a platform to display your previous work and achievements that customers can see at their leisure. Next time you have a physical customer try showing them all your previous work and not have them be weirded out!

10. Huge Market

Your dealing with the internet here, potential customers are almost infinite!

So, have we changed your mind?

Or were you already considering a website anyway? If you would like to discuss getting a website for yourself just give us a call or send an email, we would love to chat!

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